Denmark + Switzerland
A Perfect Partnership

Denmark+Switzerland symbolise a perfect partnership for the EHF EURO and for European Handball. Showcasing the strength of small nations coming together, the EURO can count on their combined Handball expertise and their ambitious drive for hosting EHF’s flagship event in a new way.

Two gateways for uniting European Handball

Denmark+Switzerland are two open and internationally welcoming countries. With Denmark being a gateway to the north and Switzerland a gateway to the south, the EHF EURO will be able to expand the reach of the event throughout Europe.

A Perfect Partnership for the EURO

Denmark+Switzerland offer vast experience in organising major sport events; with state-of-the-art accommodation, transport, marketing solutions and trusted services EHF is guaranteed high quality delivery in all aspects of the event. In addition, being frontrunners in digital technologies and innovation, Denmark+Switzerland are able to offer new fan engagement opportunities in all venues and host cities.As two of the happiest, safest and well developed countries in Europe, EURO in Denmark and Switzerland will be hassle-free and easy to organise.

A Perfect Partnership for European Handball

For the first time ever, two of Europe’s smallest nations will host the EURO together. Denmark+ Switzerland we will create a new hosting model that will empower smaller nations and open up new opportunities for hosting all around Europe in the future. With Denmark+Switzerland, the Men’s EHF EURO will ignite a new era driving new and sustainable hosting aspirations for all European Handball nations big and, especially, small.